We can tell you how we want Edge to change your life, but we know you will benefit more greatly from those who have experienced the program:

Jerod Mclaughlin

“EDGE Project in Altea, Spain was my journey, my adventure. I met friends, I met internal struggles all heroes face in their stories, and I was guided by God to love and build community with all the wonderful people He brought in my life.”

Sydney Vincent

“I find it so incredible that God has taught me this half way around the world, with people I can only communicate verbally with half of the time, after knowing most of them less than a month.. I’m not sure exactly what the prompt was, but I started with ‘Why did I come?’ and ended with what I find most profound: God is good.”

Rebecca Shasberger

“‘And what are you going to do in… Spain?’ was a common question in the months leading up to my departure. It took me a while myself to accept the idea that I was going to a tourist destination in Europe for a missions trip. “Isn’t it more important, more pressing, to provide clean water, roads, or medical assistance?” I asked myself. But at the end of the day, what are these things without the saving love of Jesus Christ? Certainly those living on the Costa Blanca are just as lost and in need of Christ as the orphaned child in Haiti.”