If you would like to be a partner with our mission, where we invest in one life at a time, we would be grateful to have you on our team of Donators. All donations are used to empower this work globally and the lives who are involved. Thank you for your financial gifts. We greatly appreciate you and our partnership in the work of God's Kingdom.

The Restoration Fund Rebuild the Art Gallery

El Diseno is an art galley that also serves as a gathering place of sharing God's Love through the arts, conversations about life issues, studies in the scriptures, building community, and hosting a variety of creative events. El Diseno is also used a place for travelers to stay or others to come on a holiday vacation. Recently, the ceiling collapsed. Now, we need to begin rebuilding the walls and restore this beloved sanctuary. If you want to donate to the Restoration Project 2013, we would be grateful to receive your contribution.

Tlc International

A grass roots faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to investing in this generation through teaching, training, & mentoring with the creative arts. In Europe and USA we produce a variety of programs and Internships to assist students and every participant in their development of life skills. All donations designated for Tlc International will be used in the general fund to support this non-profit and those who work together to offer the programs.

Edge Project

Edge is an annual summer project fueled by intentional, self-directed individuals who cultivate a community-minded lifestyle through service and value a process of discovery and growth in individuals. Every year we come together to explore art, culture and faith through a unique theme. This mission dedicates the summers to building Christ-centered communities with a vision for cross cultural living. All donations designated for Edge Project will be used for the work of investing in this generation one life at a time.

Women of Worth Fund

Tlc International is launching a new project this year within our community teams in the USA and Europe. Through creative expressions, we love on older women and widows one on one. It is our desire to reach them with the practical gifts & creative expressions our team has to offer.