Public Speaking

Arianna Speaks

Arianna is a deft storyteller and public speaker who engages audiences with humor, insight as she shares her journey as a cross-cultural worker. Equipped to present in a variety of formats and for audiences of any size, or age, Arianna is passionate about inspiring people to explore culture, discover faith and create art. She is an excellent choice to inspire people, regardless of spiritual affiliation. 
She is passionate about investing in real relationships reflecting the love of Jesus' culture.   As the Executive Director of Edge Project, (located in Spain) she leads a cross cultural training and discipleship mission where art and faith collide. Arianna is a much loved inspirational speaker who challenges this generation to live with purpose.

A Personal Profile

Arianna is Founder & President of Tlc International, a non-profit organization dedicated to investing in Art, Culture, & Faith. She is a Life Coach and mentors from her years of experience and her love of people.. She and her family have lived in Europe since 1986 and currently she is the Executive Director of Edge Project, which transforms lives from the inside out. Her philosophy on leadership is simple: People first. Always. Before projects, programs or dollars and cents. She will inspire you to live out your passion and help you discover your purpose. She is a mentor to those who want one, a mom to anyone who needs one and a friend to everyone.
 When she's not in Europe, she spends her time in Southern California. 
Arianna is an inspirational speaker who challenges this generation to live with purpose. She enjoys people of all cultures, literature, nature, walking on the beach, & healthy living. She travels, teaches swing dance, family yoga, is a childbirth educator, and speaks four languages.

Arianna speaks at a variety of events. Universities, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, or any Gathering. You will be inspired and empowered to live what you believe! If you want to invite her.....