Our Movement

What is Our Movement?

Our movement is a progression of people who choose to dive into the process of living a life of purpose. The movement is an extension of our thoughts lived out, our passions put into action and our appreciation of one’s gifts to be used for the glory of God. Abandoning the sterility of the organizational church, which is the tendency to ignore the arts, we embrace them and seek to express them as believers. As created beings, we create. We desire to mirror God’s creative actions by using the abilities He has given us to express and create works of our own, for His glory.

Moving Forward

A movement is nothing it if stands still. Within Edge, we offer people the opportunity to jump aboard and use their gifts to reach out to others, moving forward in our journey of life. While enjoying a cross-cultural experience and growing as an individual, we create a space in a simple and organic community to meet others who share a variety of interests and long for artistic modes of spiritual expression.

Our movement can be best defined as A progressive development of people living out their ideas toward a particular conclusion: "the movement of our thoughts becoming real.”