Our Story

The Founding Family currently lives in Europe and in the United States. They actively define cross cultural missions with a variety of communities internationally. In 1985 they began their work in Mexico with a time of immersion while serving the poor. In Greece their focus was to come along side uniting the various denominations through pastoral teaching and establishing relevant ideals for the family. They held meetings in Bulgaria during the time when the church was behind the Iron Curtain. After the Berlin Wall fell, Steven was instrumental in Bulgaria assisting new churches and young pastors in how to teach the scriptures. They went on to launch a new community church in southern Germany, Calvary Chapel Freiburg. This group of believers grew and developed bringing a balance of christian lifestyle & practical living for the people of Germany. Now with Spain as their European Headquarters, they are investing in people of multi cultural backgrounds. Their concentration is on global awareness, dedicated to developing relational community with the creative arts, and expressing simple faith through diversity while igniting conversations about God. A variety of multi-cultural communities have been established and are currently developing. Their passion is to live the message of Jesus in a natural and authentic way. Expressions of faith are found through cultural respect, scriptural awareness, embracing language learning, and the discovery of the arts. We pursue connections and conversations about life, destiny, & God which creates an environment of acceptance for people of all cultures and common faith.

Our Grass Roots Mission

Tlc International is a grass-roots mission established over 25 years ago with the Founders & Innovators, Steven and Arianna Caligiuri. They took their authentic faith to Mexico, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, and Spain, continually propelled by their love for God, respect for culture, and passion for people. Through their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, many people around the world have experienced their love and shared in their cross-cultural journeys. It is through this family’s love and faith that this non-profit mission organization was founded. In 2009 we launched our Internship Program. The family staff and Interns is kept at a minimum so that our commitment to invest in one life at a time becomes more of a reality with the power of Christ centered relationships. If you choose to join our team, you will have the opportunity to be a voice and catalyst for God’s work in the area of the arts, culture, and community while in the States and in Europe. Our Interns work to the best of their abilities and we encourage them to live for what they believe in. Therefore, each experience will be tailored to individual gifts, desires, and long-term goals in collaboration with our vision and purposeful projects. The Interns will work not out of obligation, but because they wholeheartedly believe in what they are working for. The Tlc Internship is three-fold: Live your passion, Be purposeful, and Work practically. We want you to discover your passions and God-given giftings so that you can pursue them. Be purposeful in your goals, then the Lord will direct your steps. Finally, work practically using your skills to further the work of God in your personal journey and through Tlc International.

Tlc International

Through all these years and to this day, Tlc continues to expand globally by developing people in multi- cultural & creative communities while inspiring this generation to live in true abandonment to God. Currently, Tlc International has their stateside headquarters in San Diego, California, and their European base in Altea-Alicante, Spain. While these are our main sites, Greece and Germany continue to be on the radar as close connections and partners in our work.