The Arts Collective & Art Gallery

                           Living in multi-cultural community, hosting events & conversations of faith.

Our community focuses on spiritual conversations,  faith, the bible, culture, and the arts. We eat together (mediterranean style), discovering the art within us, and this natural environment opens doors to build relationships with people of all nations. Artists come from the ends of the world to share their faith through the talents God has given them. Our international community is designed to discover God through our diversity and passions.




Creative Nights @ El Diseno!

Students and artists have the opportunity to express their love
for art and community during our creative nights. The community
comes together to create art and build relationships. No matter
the level of skill, everyone can participate using their own unique gifts.




Guest House @ El Diseno!

Of the three floors of El Diseno, the second houses a guest room for any weary traveler
or guest that chooses to be a part of our community for a short time. Upstairs is a kitchen
that our community uses to serve each other and the surrounding local community.