What is Edge?

Edge is an annual summer project fueled by intentional, self-directed individuals who cultivate a community-minded lifestyle through service and value a process of discovery and growth in individuals. Every year we come together to explore art, culture and faith through a unique theme. Our approach is topical and encourages self-propelled exploration. We invite artists, students, professionals and anyone who wants to participate to join us in building a community, producing an art exhibit and embracing a Spanish way of life for four to eight weeks on the Mediterranean coast of Altea, Spain. Whether you're an artist in need of inspiration, a hard-working professional looking for rest or an astute student looking for a challenge, Edge is a place to be, explore, share and create. Edge has three main focuses that drive its framework. Click the links below to learn more. Edge Art: act on your ideas Edge Culture: grow as a global thinker Edge Faith: love through service Edge 2013 theme will be released in November. Apply or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you.



Want More Information?
Send us an email at missionedge@gmail.com!